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Cableways Bar & Bistro

Welcome to Cableways 

Cableways offer an exceptional dining experience complete with great food and excellent drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it's family, enjoying a cold one with your friends, or enjoying our excellent Tramshed Bistro fare, we invite you to join the warm hospitality and great atmosphere that is Cableways. 

Imagine immersing yourself into a restored Roslyn cable car ‘No. 93' as you eat a succulent pork belly and with a glass of Pinot Noir, becoming transported in time. 

Well, imagine no further!

Welcome to the space where time travel is real.

Our very own Cable Car sits proudly on the doorsteps of the Bar and Bistro, creating the ultimate dining experience for family and friends. 

The Fan Favourites: 

Gourmet Cable Car Bacon Cheeseburger 

Roslyn Ribeye steak

Cableways Schnitzel




Monday: 11 - late (no lunch service sorry)

Tuesday: 11 - late 

Wednesday: 11- late 

Thursday: 11 - late 

Friday: 11 - late 

Saturday: 11 - late 

Sunday: 11 - 10

We are closed on Monday 8 May and apologise for the inconvenience.